Disclaimers and Information



Some of our hire items are offered on a week trial basis where one weeks hire is paid and the option given to extend to a long term hire plan ( 3 months or longer) at the end of the week trial. If the long term option is taken after the paid week trial period, we will deduct the week paid off the long term hire price. This prevents you paying for the full long term period before trialing the item as some products may not be suitable for your needs and our hire is non refundable for early return.

Please read our conditions of hire below. We would appreciate that you treat our hire equipment as if it was your own.
Please avoid leaving items stored in direct sunlight for long periods of time which may cause fading.
Avoid storing any items that have been wet in the boot of the car or folded as this can cause mould to grow.
If you must wash any part of the product, please only spot wash or if the item is machine washable, avoid washing capsule liners or similar with towels or nappies that may produce fluff as this is a very time consuming excerisise for us to remove and the $10 cleaning charge will apply if the product is returned in this condition.

All our items are washed and sanitised after every hire so there is no need to clean your item unless it is exccesively dirty ie: food, animal hair, excessive fluff, sand, dirt etc. In this case the $10 cleaning charge will apply.

If harness or materials are returned mouldy due to poor care of the item, these parts will be charged at replacement cost for the part effected, as mould spores can do irreversable damage to materials.

Any extras supplied with your hire including anchor bolts, gated buckles, extention straps, comfort inserts, weather covers etc, must be returned with
the hire. Items will remain on hire and hire charges will be applicable until all extras have been returned.


The persons whose name appears on the contract and by whom the contract is signed from here on will be named as the Hiree and will be fully responsible for all the conditions listed on the contract to Bubby’s Playpen who will be known hereon as the Hirer.

The hire fee is paid in advance and is non refundable. No reimbursement of hire charges will be given for items returned early. If a bond is paid it is refunded to the Hiree at the expiration of the hire term, provided the equipment is
a) returned by the due date
b) returned complete
c) returned in as good condition as hired
Any damage, missing parts or loss of items will be charged for. A cleaning fee of $10.00 will be charged if items are returned soiled.

If no bond has been taken then any monies owing will be taken from the nominated credit card given at the time of hire.

Any costs incurred by the owner, including reminder calls, in the recovery of the hired goods will be at the hirer’s expense. Monies owing to the Hirer will be deducted from the Hirer’s nominated credit card if no other suitable payment method can be arranged between the Hirer and the Hiree.

The due date must be strictly adhered to. Extention of the hire period agreed must be arranged with the Hirer before the due date and additional charges paid in advance. Late returns will be charged at the rate od $10.00 per day per item.

The Hiree’s Obligations –

a) To use the equipment only for the purpose and within the capacity for which the equipment was intended.
b) To accept full responsibility and liability for the safekeeping of the equipment.
c) To accept full and total responsibility and liability for the correct fitting and usage of the equipment.
d) To keep the equipment in good and substantial repair and condition (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and protect the equipment from damage of any cause. Hireer must be immediately informed of any damage to the equipment that may effect the safe use of the equipment.
e) To indemnify and hold the Hirer harmless against all claims, action suits, demands, costs, expenses (including all legal costs and expenses) in anyway arising out of the use of the equipment by the Hiree or his or her agents or by any person whatsoever.

Notification of change of address or telephone number from the contract must be made to the Hirer within 7 days of address or telephone number change.

In the event that the equipment is not returned in accordance with the contract conditions, the HIrer will regard the equipment as being misappropiated and take whatever action the Hirer deems necessary to retake possession of the equipment and will forthwith notify the police of the theft of the equipment.